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The Year of the Yang Wood Horse Poster Series was initially created during a collaborative group show of call and response creation akin to an Exquisite Corpse exercise. Inspiration for this portfolio came from two artists' projects incorporating the number 13. The first was a series of 13 family portraits chosen to explore ideas of uniqueness/ubiquitousness. There were 12 images found through a Google Images® search and 1 of the artist's own family. The second project was a composition informed by the lunar calendar and its relationship to womanhood. From this imagery I decided to research the lunar calendar I thought I knew best, the Chinese Zodiac.

After diving into the Wikipedia® wormhole, I learned that the Chinese Zodiac consists of more than the cycle of 12 animals. There are also 5 elements in rotation as well as Yin and Yang, which alternate each year. Instead of a 12-year cycle we're looking at a more intricate and involved 60-year cycle. 2014 was the year of the Yang Wood Horse — This is traditionally a year of action and empowerment; of sincere enthusiasm and unbridled optimism.

These posters flirt with kitsch and bad design, but not for the sake of irony. This work draws more from a sincere love and appreciation of both motivational posters and horse calendars. By utilizing this often-repeated form of reaffirming text on idyllic imagery, it is my intent to share encouragement that has genuine heart behind it.