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"All that I see, that is open to the gaze, is mine. As far as I can see, I possess it. Not alone: the world is mine, for me, with me."

A Philosophy of Walking – Frédéric Gros

A Return To Walking

I sometimes forget what it's like to get lost in New York City. I wear wingtips and they sound like horse hooves when I walk these streets. This is where I find what makes up my work.

There's something universal in the want/need to create something new and original but often finding someone else has already had your idea. Not only is your thought unoriginal, oftentimes this older version is better than you could've ever imagined. During the production of the video Brush Against Me David; it is what it is, I developed a romantic fascination with parallel planes and the impossible notion of bringing them together. With these thoughts in mind, I chose to take on a master street photographer head-on, and who would be better to emulate other than Eugène Atget? His Parisian window display images are a sophisticated play on straight photography's inherent nature of flattening our three-dimensional world in the picture plane. Playing Atget is a portfolio in which parallel planes touch; it's about what's in/on the glass.